The Latest Trend In Software

The Latest Trend In Software

Latest Trend In SoftwareI’ve looked at your website I’ve looked at your online marketing strategy and Love to share what I found and where Think there might be room for improvement is that okay absolutely that’s going to be okay and if you’re doing this on a phone call you’re going to say Jones can we do a join dispossession where you can get online and toucan see my screen and that way we can be looking.

At the same thing together and if you’re in their office you’d say hey let’s jump on a computer and so what you’ll do is first you pull up their website and walk through the website and point out any issues that you might see and so that might be just some of the basic things right is the phone numbering the top right-hand corner do they have a clear call to action call us noway this number a click here to schedule assessment are they leveraging personality so do they have room authentic pictures of the staff and the-owners.

And the office or they using generic stock photography force it’s my opinion that authentic imagery is going to work and convert better than stock photography do they have good content for each of their different services and this is just giving you an opportunity to talk about their website let them know that you you looked at it and point out some of the good and some of the back you don’t want to call their baby ugly and say this is the worst website I’ve ever seen so always try and point out something.

Good hey you know what it looks like you guys spent a lot of time thinking through this content and-there’s a lot of good stuff here but Really think there’s a lot of room for improvement as well just in terms of the website and here’s some of the things that I found that I think could begetter from there you’re.

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